21 February 2011

Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2011 - Live Stream from London

Talk about bringing fashion to the masses. Burberry upped the fash-technology ante by streaming live today to 150 countries and on screen at the famous London Picadilly Circus. It was quite the show. And I have to say that since I couldn't make it to London Fashion Week, (next year, right?) I really appreciated the live stream.

30 January 2011

H&M/Forever 21 Conundrum

I love you, but you give me a headache.
Anyone who has ever been to New York City can tell you that the shopping here is a sight to behold. You could pretty much spend a whole week 'touring' all the shops and stores alone. Pretty much every major brand/clothing franchise/department store has a store in NYC and what's great about them is that many have much larger inventories than their sister stores throughout the country.

Looked all over. Couldn't find these ANYWHERE.
Case in point: Forever 21 and H&M are HUGE here. And by huge, I don't just mean they're popular. They are literally HUGE stores here with several locations. Despite their large sizes and bigger selections (as if there isn't enough), there's one thing that's been really bothering me every time I visit a store: You cannot find anything that you're looking for!

You walk into the store and notice all the fabulously dressed mannequins, find a piece of interest only to discover they are no where near the mannequins at all. So then, you spend several trying minutes hunting down said item only to be lost in the overloaded sales floor. How cruel of them to tease you with such stylish pieces only to hide them on the sales floor or worse, not even carry it at all.

Updates and Changes to Come

Once again, I've completely lagged behind in the blogging. And once again, I'm planning to change all of that soon. Part of this blogging lag has been due to my very big move to New York. Yes, that's right, the Big Apple. After many years of hoping, wishing and waiting I have finally arrived here to pursue my dream job. I'll be totally honest, it's been quite the struggle establishing a new life here, but I'm slowly and surely pushing forward. The good news is, being in the fashion capital of the country I've got access to a lot of great fashion and beauty shops, events, and stories. And I plan to share all my fashion, beauty and shopping adventures here. The bad news is that Dress and Primp might be moving over to Word Press in the near future, but I'm not sure yet. I've got a lot of blogging to catch up on. But when or if I decide to make the move, you'll definitely be the first to know. Till then, I'll try to do more blogging here. Please keep reading.

Stay beautiful!