05 September 2008

The Kindness of Strangers

Yesterday my roommate told me about this $10 sale going on at this amazing shoe store downtown. And me, being a sucker for a good deal and also a self professed shoeaholic, just had to go and check it out. So I did after work today and found the most comfortable and chic pair of sandals. Bronze, gladiator style with some stone embellishment, perfect for spicing up an outfit but subtle enough to wear casually. I didn't pick them up at first because I wanted to look around some more. Big mistake, a group of girls helping their friend inside found out about the sale and got excited. Unfortunately, one of them had the same size feet as me and tried on the same pair of sandals but in black (which I also wanted to get, $10 com'on!) and sadly to my dismay she spotted the bronze ones too. She was so caught up in her excited she kept leaving one of the shoes out and I kept asking her if she had both shoes for the set. I was disheartened to say the least. The perfect sandal was in my hands and foolishly I lost them. Then I noticed one of the bronze sandals in my size was still out and I searched all over trying to find the partner, hoping there was two pairs so that she could one and so could I. But alas, I had a feeling she had the other match so I hesistantly asked her and she discovered she did, I reluctantly handed her the one in my hand and sighed heavily. Oh well. Better luck next time...I'll find a pair next year. Then to my surprise she asked, "Did you want them?" I was like, yeah! But I didn't want to make her feel bad. After all, she was the one who grabbed them, not me. I was stupid enough to put them back down. I think she could tell I was torn and she hesistantly said I could have them. Score! I thanked her as best I could, I even thanked her as I was leaving the store with my treasures in hand. I could tell she didn't want to give them to me, but I was so grateful nonetheless. I wish I could have done something for her in return. That was very big of her.

Super sales like this can bring out the worst in people, but this showed me that sometimes there is a ray of hope. You gotta share the wealth. I hope whoever that girl was, something amazing happens to her soon, whether it's finding another great pair of shoes for a steal or getting asked out by a cute guy. I'm sending my positive thoughts her way in return for her unselfishness. I hope that someday I can do the same for someone else.

27 June 2008

Say what?

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people mispronounce well known names, especially in fashion. I don't know why, it just does. Although, I confess that some of those designer names can be tricky. However, if you claim to be a fashionista, you better have your pronunciation down.
I remember a time back when I was a modeling instructor, my co-instructor and I were giving a lecture about famous fashion models and she mispronounced the name of a very well known model, Iman. Instead of pronouncing it "E-mon" she pronounced it "I-man," which just killed me. I mean this was coming from a girl who proclaimed she dedicated her life to fashion, yet anyone who enjoys fashion,has read a fashion magazine, or is a David Bowie fan(because she's his wife), has at least heard the name "Iman" before. But I digress.

So last night one of my friends was telling me how much she wanted a Her-mees (Herm├Ęs) Birkin purse, the iconic uber-fashionista IT bag. Yes, I wanted to correct her and tell her it's pronounced "Air-mess." But with the euphoric look on her face as she dreamed about having such a legendary(and expensive) purse, I just didn't have the heart to correct her.

Hey, you could get this one for about $14,000...what a deal.
Photo Credit: Ebay

13 April 2008

Farmers Market Finds

I've lived in Bellingham for approximately two and half years now and surprisingly I've never gone to the renowned city treasure—The Farmers Market downtown. As soon as I found out it recently started I made a promise to myself to check it out as soon as possible. So, yesterday I finally made an appearance was immediately disappointed in myself for not having come sooner. I couldn't have asked for a better day because it was a gorgeously sunny with the temp well into the 60s. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos at the market as I was completely wrapped up in the wondrous site before me. But I can tell you that it was a feast for the senses with bursts of colors from all the merchandise, bustling of people, delicious smells from the food vendors and the sound of street musicians playing.

I was equally impressed by the large selection of handcrafted jewelry and apparel. While I love finding good deals on jewelry anywhere, I'm usually pay a little bit more when it comes to hand-made jewelry that is unique. So, of course I wanted to buy everything I saw. But I didn't. I managed to snag a few gems and even a few things to add to my wardrobe. I definitely used up some of my graduation money. But it was nice to treat myself to a few well-earned treasures.

Here are earrings I bought from local jewelry maker Gloria Shannon. I've been a little hesitant to buy earrings the past few years because I've gotten allergic reactions from them. But these pair to my great surprise don't bother me at all. Maybe because the posts are real sterling silver.

I got the fabulous grey hoodie from Red Boots Design. I love the flower motif and the colors, very spring-y and a great alternative to my peacoat now that the weather is getting warmer.

This comfy cotton skirt is from Texture and I got it for 50% off! What a bargain and it fits great too. It's made from organic cotton and it's got a little bit a lyrca in it to give it some stretch, which is why I could squeeze into an XS. The top part comes up a little too high but I can remedy that by folding it over. Also there's hidden zippered pocket in the front big enough to carry cash and cards for casual shopping trip sans bulky purse (like going to the Farmer's Market).

I don't remember the name of the vendor I bought this bracelet from, but it was another great sale item ($11). Handmade with blue glass and copper beads. It's much prettier in person. This photo doesn't do it any justice. I'm usually not a bracelet person, but with bracelets like and others I saw I can see myself easily becoming one.

Ok, so these items I didn't necessarily buy at the market but I figured since I was downtown I might as well check out the local shops. And of course, I can't resist a good sale or a great pair of shoes.

Mavi Jeans from a great little shop call Georgie Girls. This pair was 30% off. I love the color and wash and they're long enough to wear with my shorter heels. The store offered free hemming, but for this pair I decided to keep them a little long because I know I'll be wearing a lot of heeled sandals this season.

Of course I couldn't be downtown without stopping at my favorite shoe shop Mi Shoes. It's been a while since I've been in and I was excited to see all the new styles. This particular pair by Pink Studio has the perfect heel height, high enough to make me feel taller but short enough to comfortably walk in. And this color is a great neutral for spring and summer and will transition nicely into fall with thick stockings.

19 February 2008

Call me crazy

But I happen to like Old Navy clothes. Old Navy is the youngest of the three Gap companies, and like any little sibling it often gets neglected. Sure, it's isn't exactly known for its fashion foward sense of style, but for the past two years it's upped it's design ante and managed to come out with some rather stylish looking clothing. And this season, I'm pleasantly surprised with its Urban Explorer collection. But what surprises me most are the pieces that I can't stop thinking about. Take for instance these white canvas platform sandals ($34.50). Ok, so the idea of buying cute shoes from Old Navy might not make any sense, but I can't stop staring and drooling at these things every time I walk by them. So I plan to get a pair of these soon since the weather is finally starting to get a little warmer. And I think I might be pairing them with a cute top and a pair of colored shorts.
Image from oldnavy.com.

16 February 2008


I've been wanting to start a fashion/beauty blog for quite some time now and I've finally gotten around to it. So here it is. I nicked the name from the fashion/beauty blog from Jane magazine's online site. Sadly Jane is no longer being published, but it was a good magazine. I'd like to think I'm paying tribute to the legacy the mag left behind in it's pursuit to help young women everywhere feel and look their best. Well that, and I just absolutely loved the blog name. So, here it is. Enjoy. -N