19 February 2008

Call me crazy

But I happen to like Old Navy clothes. Old Navy is the youngest of the three Gap companies, and like any little sibling it often gets neglected. Sure, it's isn't exactly known for its fashion foward sense of style, but for the past two years it's upped it's design ante and managed to come out with some rather stylish looking clothing. And this season, I'm pleasantly surprised with its Urban Explorer collection. But what surprises me most are the pieces that I can't stop thinking about. Take for instance these white canvas platform sandals ($34.50). Ok, so the idea of buying cute shoes from Old Navy might not make any sense, but I can't stop staring and drooling at these things every time I walk by them. So I plan to get a pair of these soon since the weather is finally starting to get a little warmer. And I think I might be pairing them with a cute top and a pair of colored shorts.
Image from oldnavy.com.