23 December 2009

This is a Croc?!

Yes, apparently it is. Wouldn't look like it at first glance, right? I'm intrigued, especially by this fuchsia color. They look like pretty cute holiday shoes. I admit that I am not at all a fan of the original Crocs. However, I do have a pair of plain rubber ballet flats for those rainy spring Washington days in silver. But these little gems have seriously got me thinking about giving Crocs another go. What do you think?

04 December 2009

Birthday Goodies!

Happy Birthday to me...Happy Birthday to me...

Ah yes, I've made to another year and what a year it has been. Joy, sorrow, love, adventure, drama, heartache, it's all been crammed into one whole year. While this particular birthday starts off on a bit of a sad note with the recent news of my father's cancer, I've tried to look on the brighter side of things today. After all, life is a celebration. And so to celebrate I went out and did a little bit of much deserved and needed retail therapy. Here's what I came away with:

Sephora knows what this birthday girl wants and needs....

Sephora Brand Super Shimmer Lip Gloss
Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer
Bliss Blood Orange + White Pepper Hand Cream

Sephora Super Shimmer LipGloss (left to right): Precious Pink, Rosy Glow, Bronzed Beauty

First off, I've been in dire need of eyeshadow primer. I've been using my Mac concealer as a shadow primer and it's worked fairly well. But it doesn't seem to have the staying power as a real eyeshadow primer. I tried Too Faced's shadow primer last year when it came in a cute little gift set I got from work. I was pretty impressed its lightweight and ability to really make my eyeshadow colors pop! And what impressed me more is how little I had to use. A tiny little tube lasted me for about a month or so, which means I'm probably set until my next birthday with this full size tube.

The lipglosses are the real reason I went to Sephora today. I'm one of their Beauty Insider members so I got a free gift :) Yay! And this year's gift, I must say, is much better than last year's which was a bottle of vanilla-cake scented bubble bath. It did not smell that yummy :( But these cute little lipglosses smell amazing! I can't quite put my finger on the scent, but it's sweet and kinda fruity and the colors are very very pretty.

And with winter weather upon me here in the great Northwest, my hands have literally been creeping my out with their dryness. I've heard rave reviews about Bliss's hand creams so I thought I'd try out the Blood Orange + White Pepper flavor. I love citrus scents in the winter. According to aromatherapy, it's suppose to be uplifting and it very much is to me. So far, I'm impressed with the results. My icky dry hands are instantly transformed into soft smooth ones. Not greasy and absorbs easily. Nice!

Finally! Jeans that actually FIT me! (and no alterations needed)...

I have found my saving grace as far as denim goes. dELiA*s!! Their "petite" length in their denim fits me to the T. And I couldn't be happier. As a shorty at 5'1" it's rather difficult finding jeans that fit and flatter. People think that just because I'm small I can just slap on any ol' pair of small jeans and they should magically look good on me. Not so. But thankfully, Delia's jeans are not only good in length but overall fit too. I've finally found a decent pair of skinny jeans in the Morgan style that do not a) Give me a muffin top and b) Do not require me to roll up three times. And I got a pair of the Bailey's in their "Short" length which funny enough, is long on me, but just enough so I can wear some cute heels. BONUS: They were on sale - Buy one, get one 1/2 Off! At under $50 a pop, they're pretty reasonably priced. Hooray!

10 July 2009

All dressed up and no place to go? Fine with me.

Due to my financial situation I'm currently staying with my parents. While I enjoy not having the extra expense of rent, I have found living "rent-free" comes at a price: a lack of privacy or rather, an increase in interrogation.

Don't get me wrong, I love my parents but their constant questions about my day-to-day activities are starting to get to me. I would think by now they would have understood that I am clothes-and-make-up-obsessed therefore, it is not unusual for me to "dress up" even when I don't have any particular place to go.

Whenever I dress in something other than a t-shirt and jeans my mother asks me every time without fail, "Where are you going all dressed up?"

On my days off, when I don't have to rush out the door, I like to take a little extra time and experiment with my makeup. I'm starting to realize that I cannot do this when my parents are up or around because then they ask me (with a little too much suspicion in their voice), "Where are you going?"

"No where."

"Then why are you putting on makeup (or as my dad puts it 'painting your face')?"

I just like to put on makeup and should I decide to step out into the public, I'd like to be presentable. What's wrong with that?

Do I really need a reason to dress and primp?

28 May 2009

I love Unconditional Love

I’m back! Yes, I realize it’s been like 8 months since my last post. Well I’m back now so here we go...

I am SO excited to have finally discovered a Sephora close to me. The nearest one is in Seattle. Too far for my makeup fix. And I ran out of my beloved Bare Escentuals bareMinerals yesterday so I needed to replenish ASAP. Lucky for me, the JCPenney in Puyullap happens to house a mini-Sephora. *squee*

Now I LOVE Sephora. Something about being surrounded by beauty products and sampling lipsticks, glosses, moisturizers, etc. to my heart's delight makes me so giddy. And today I found a new favorite perfume, Philosophy’s Unconditional Love. I smell hints of raspberry and vanilla. I sprayed a little on my wrist earlier and haven’t been able to stop sniffing myself since. It smells soo good!

Not only do I love Philosophy for their great products but I also love their notes on their packaging. Here’s what they say about Unconditional Love:

Once upon a time there was a person who swore they would love you forever. Their love moved on but your love stayed in the same place. Consider the opportunity to love the greatest of all blessings, even when love doesn’t go your way. The love you give is the love you get and it is all good no matter where love takes you. Let the ability to love another belong to you forever and ever because real love stories never end.

Ah love. It smells so sweet.