03 June 2010

I thought I knew how to dress myself

It's recently occurred to me that perhaps I lack the chic fashion sense that I seem to think I have in my mind. At least, this is what I'm assuming is my problem every morning when I go to get dressed. I find myself standing (naked or wearing some weird pajama set) in front of my closet stuffed with clothes and scratching my head wondering what to wear. I'm sure you've all been here before.

And for me the usual routine goes a little something like this:
  1. Have an idea of an outfit in mind.
  2. Go to find key pieces only to discover many are in some sort of unwearable state or unable to befound at all.
  3. Being pressed for time (or too lazy) decide to concoct another outfit idea.
  4. Approach the bottom-to-top or top-to-bottom approach, but then realize weather conditions need to be checked first. If you live in a persnickety climate like the Northwest, you understand how important this step is.
  5. Look up weather and factor in activities for the day/night, hours on feet, whether activities are indoors or outdoors, likelihood of running into someone you know (say from high school), etc.
  6. After an hour or so of this complicated style equation, I might actually decide on a pair of footwear and start from there.
  7. If weather permits bare legs, I check to see if my legs are presentable for public display. If so, I can at least eliminate the need for pants and stockings. If not, then I'm in trouble. And as it so happens, they're not.
  8. Decide to play it safe and go with jeans, but which ones? Skinny? Long and boot-cut? Dark wash? Light wash? Cuffed? No-cuff?
  9. After finally deciding on suitable pair that A) doesn't give me a muffin top, B) isn't stretched out and baggy in an unflattering way and C) makes my butt look good, I move on to tops.
  10. Try on about 20 different tops with corresponding layering pieces but am unsatisfied with anything. 
  11. Take off all clothes and end up back in weird pajama set (or underwear) and start again.
And no, this isn't a once-week-thing either. This happens nearly every single day! It drives me crazy! Not only is it extremely frustrating but it's also very time consuming. Yes, I have even been late to events/appointments/meetings because I could not figure out what to wear. How is it that I've managed to work in clothing retail for six years, help countless of other people put outfits together and yet I cannot even dress myself? 

I think it's time to re-evaluate my wardrobe and perhaps get some outside help before I start dressing like this (see side photo) everyday.

Notice the clashing of the purple dress with pink scarf and blue bag. What was I thinking when I put this outfit together?*hides face in embarrassment* It looked much better without the scarf, trench, and bag but considering it was cooler outside I needed to layer up. Still, it's no excuse to go out looking like this.

Must get my dressing act together soon. I refuse to spend the rest of my life staring at my closet wondering what to wear!

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