30 January 2011

H&M/Forever 21 Conundrum

I love you, but you give me a headache.
Anyone who has ever been to New York City can tell you that the shopping here is a sight to behold. You could pretty much spend a whole week 'touring' all the shops and stores alone. Pretty much every major brand/clothing franchise/department store has a store in NYC and what's great about them is that many have much larger inventories than their sister stores throughout the country.

Looked all over. Couldn't find these ANYWHERE.
Case in point: Forever 21 and H&M are HUGE here. And by huge, I don't just mean they're popular. They are literally HUGE stores here with several locations. Despite their large sizes and bigger selections (as if there isn't enough), there's one thing that's been really bothering me every time I visit a store: You cannot find anything that you're looking for!

You walk into the store and notice all the fabulously dressed mannequins, find a piece of interest only to discover they are no where near the mannequins at all. So then, you spend several trying minutes hunting down said item only to be lost in the overloaded sales floor. How cruel of them to tease you with such stylish pieces only to hide them on the sales floor or worse, not even carry it at all.

These nude sandals (photo) were on display in the Seattle H&M back in November. I've spotted them in several H&M's since then and have searched and searched every floor, rack, and shelf trying to find this pair in the store. No luck.

Another time, I spotted a pair of really cute  tan booties on a mannequin at Forever21 and searched everywhere in the store trying to find them. I found a sales associate and asked what size shoe the mannequin wore because if it was my size I wanted to try it on (and possibly buy them). Having worked retail for several years I know taking things off mannequins not unheard of, especially if it's likely to result in a sale. But this associate promptly informed me that it was 'against company policy' to take anything off a mannequin. I then explained to him that the shoe wasn't on the salesfloor and he replied, "Sorry. Guess we don't have them in stock." Ok, then why are you advertising it on the mannequin?! Frustration then ensued.

Let this be a lesson to all you H&M and Forever21 shoppers. Try not to get seduced by the clothes and accessories on the mannequins. You're likely to be disappointed by not being able to find them on the sales floor. Take time to review the racks with an open mind and if there is a specific item you're looking for, you're better off just buying it online. Save yourself a headache and avoid 'the hunt' in stores.

Forever21 and H&M, stop teasing your shoppers! If you don't have it, don't display it.

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Sanda said...

I couldn't agree more! Great post. I always want what's on the mannequins at F 21 but I ask multiple people who work there & they never know where it is. End up finding it myself or not finding it & leaving frustrated!